Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a unique form of body massage combining deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretches, using essential oils and detoxing Ayurvedic Calamus powder. The oil / Calamus powder combination induces a pleasant exfoliating effect on the skin, brings out toxins from the body and awakens blood circulation.  Both hands and feet are used in the delivery of the massage.


The massage is performed on a comfortable padded mat on the floor. The recipient wears undergarments, and sarongs and towels are used to professionally drape the body. 

This type of massage helps to open and re-align the body, relieve tension and provide a deeply relaxing experience.  I am fully trained in this technique with Level 5 Diploma certification.  For further information about this type of massage click here.

60 minutes: 70 euros

90 minutes: 90 euros

120 minutes: 120 euros

Concessions available

If interested please CONTACT ME

Best massage ever! Full relaxation guaranteed. Very respectful and caring!

Maialen Apaolaza, fashion designer, Madrid